It's been a minute


It's been a minute (well, 132,604 minutes to be exact) since the last content update. Life happens, but here we are!

šŸŽ¤ Interview

Ever wondered what it's like to build a payment system where credit cards aren't the primary payment method? You're in luck because Jelmer Borst shares the impact of launching a product in the Netherlands in the latest interview.

If you missed it last time, Dan Pelegero gave an excellent overview of the payments orchestration layer.

āœļø Posts

Arnon Shimoni published an insightful post titled "5 things I learned while developing a billing system" that I think is worth reading. You can check it out on their blog.

If you're interested in being interviewed or want to be a guest author, feel free to reply to this e-mail. Or if you have suggestions, gripes, or jokes, I'd love to hear from you!

Payments Payments Payments!


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